Get that all important buying decision from customers

Buying decisions can easily be facilitated by putting the correct and best possible information right in front of your customers consistently.
Meeting all requirements for a true omni-channel marketing strategy, skyPIM helps you organize and structure all knowledge necessary for the all important buying decision. Product information, the application of the products, and any sales argument can be organized and structured within skyPIM, enabling your company to meet potential customers anywhere consistently. Providing 50% faster time to market and 100% confidence in accurate data at all times, skyPIM generates structured output whenever and wherever you need it. skyPIM is a key element for growing your revenue stream – probably the single most important technology to implement in your business.

PIM Workflow

Your Own Workflow

Configure any workflow relating to product information management on your own. Instead of designing a workflow we think is a perfect match for the user, we have made skyPIM completely configurable, since no workflow is the same across companies and time. You should be in control of what is the most effective workflow for you – not us.

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Manage Product Information

Any aspect of data management can be handled within skyPIM, and we have even taken it a step further by including additional support for managing suppliers and customers in relation to products. skyPIM also supports product group specific attributes, language and market version of text and images, and any product relation in between.

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cloud based pim

Superior Technology

Cloud-based technology is a modern technology platform, and the nature of it allow for easy scaling to any need you as a customer may have. It is secure and based on open standards providing standard API interfaces, and access to a vast eco-system of supporting technology partners ready to benefit from well organized product information in skyPIM.

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PIM Demo

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We would love to show you skyPIM and  how effectively you can manage your data. We can even demo skyPIM with your own material, and build workflows and tasks that will work for your organization – see how easy it is to kickstart your customers buying decision by providing consistent product information.
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